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How to clean and freshen the mattress on the bed

The clean mattress provides us with a healthy environment. When we replace regularly your linen, wash our curtains and carpet, clean the sofa and armchairs, we not only remove visible dirt, but millions of harmful microorganisms, known as mites. Called domestic or dust, they penetrate into all modern homes and live in bedding, carpets, mattresses.

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Why is it important to clean the mattress?

There is a misconception that if the mattress is permanently covered with a sheet or mat is sufficient to replace or wash our only them. But the truth is that the average mattress contains 10 000 to 10 million mites feeding on dead human skin particles and moisture secreted by the body. These harmful microorganisms causing allergies, asthma and pulmonary diseases. Also in the mattress are held bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, moisture, dust, allergens. Therefore cleaning is very necessary and very healthy.

Whether vacuum cleaner is enough?

Of course, that vacuum is the first thing that comes to mind. When cleaning with it, however, we can only partly control the number of mites, but not completely destroy them. It is, therefore, necessary to take more serious measures.

What do you need to do to clean the mattress?

With soda easy and harmless we are able to clean dirt.

Here’s how to remove all harmful microorganisms:

  1. Put the sheets and bedding from your bed in the washing machine and wash them at a higher temperature.
  2. Pour into a small jar one cup of baking soda and add a few drops of lavender essential oil. You can also use oil with another fragrance, but lavender is preferable because it repels any parasites even mosquitoes and moths.
  3. Then close the jar and shake it firmly as a shaker. This way you mix baking soda and the essential oil.
  4. Take a large fine sieve and sift through it enough of the mixture in the jar.
  5. Move the strainer on the mattress, tapping it with your finger so that you can sprinkle all over with the mixture. Leave for not less than one hour. This time is necessary to allow soda to absorb moisture, dirt and odors from the mattress.
  6. Then, using a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean the mixture and the commitments it dirt.


Ready! Your mattress is clean and refreshed!

Why choose this method to clean the mattress?

This way to clean your place to sleep is easy and harmless. Baking soda will absorb moisture and dirt, leaving your mattress fresh and clean. Lavender smells wonderful and will bring pleasant and soothing aroma in your bedroom, which improves sleep. Furthermore, there is an extra antiseptic effect.

Can you deal by yourself?

Care necessary for cleanliness of mattresses sometimes require too much time and effort or are unaffordable for you. Then it is advisable to trust the professionals in the cleaning. Their involvement will save you a lot of work, and the result will be great. SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning Agency is good oprion for you. Click here for more information about them.

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